Sunday, November 23, 2014

Uncommon Treasures

Uncommon Treasures

By: M. MacMinn

Wind chimes baby
bringing us home,
with a twinkle in the wind

it's unworldly, it's hopefully,
it's without monetary value
it's timeless, limitless, sacred

It's like reindeer on Christmas
and rabbits on Easter
pointless, beside the point,
everything, the meaning itself

Russian roulette in reverse
substance and shortcake
strawberry ribbons on bow wrapped presents
stockings full of heavenly garbage,
tasty to consume

wet panties on whiskers,
during a sunny afternoon
Butterscotch to fancy
Lemonade on ice
Peach cobbler for breakfast
and sundaes at night

smokes on top of mountains
valley's full of dew
pleasantries in moments
moments all too few

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