Monday, June 30, 2014

A Day Late.

A Day Late

By: M. MacMinn

The land is open
the space is vast

Time is always here,
in the moment

This, is what it is,
this, now

right now

This is what you have been looking for
this is everything
everything is simple, everything is now,
right now,


This ink, leaks from my pen
and this blood flows through my body
My mind perceives
and I am alive
right now

And with that,
it all vanishes

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Dream

A Dream

By: M. MacMinn

I saw my dead brothers tonight.
All three around a campfire.

They were happy to see me.
They showered me with praise.

They read my mood,
when it got cold and dark,
they soothed me.

And then I broke.
And then I cried.

I was sad to leave the warm campfire.
I was sad to leave my dead brothers.

The darkness brought me home,
and the cold rushed me in.

Your dream is over.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014



By: M. MacMinn

My mind is running wild
it cannot catch it's breath
I'm torn beneath my fingers
sense-full beyond boundaries

Making stories my life
and strangers my friends
Each distant in the darkness
vanishing in the breeze

She kicks the bee's
jabbing the hive
Awaking a stir
with the creatures inside

Overrun and tormented
My hand, leading the cause
My mind, checking the bank
My eyes, clasping at straws

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bus Notes

Bus notes

By: M. MacMinn

Sandals on the sidewalk, abandoned
left, forgotten, lost
As if the owner was snatched
kidnapped, abducted

A stranger kicks them off the street
in the grey of morning

Lost on a bus, filled with children

Floating in a steel box, surrounded
Robot voices penetrate the air, like tacks in flesh

Anonymous conversations invade my psyche

The sun is shinning and the fat are sunburned
this day is never ending

Like the poor man next to me
dying of some random disease, slowly
very slowly

Useless conversation,
we should discuss the weather next

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sex with Coffee

Sex with Coffee

By: M. MacMinn

Drifting in a picture,
self created and shameless
Black, hot like coffee,
fires upon my lap,
screaming fuck, FUCK!

A call for attention
cries from my groin
Here's looking at you,
piece be with me

The smack of the sea
an erotic lunch
Eat me, eat me
gargling freely

Freedom in the heart
free in the soul
Freely with lust, rolling
I'm open