Sunday, January 27, 2013

man, the things you think about

So, I was intending to get back into the swing of the blog.  I was shooting for one a week.  A month has gone by!  Goodness, slap my hand and call me Sally.  Then look at me goofy with a squinty eye.  After you do that, you'll likely be considered creepy, or drunk, depending.
Now, off to the races.

I got some happenings!  I have a few shows lined up.


February 2nd
Jade Lounge
2343 SE Ankeny St.
Portland, OR

February 21st
Firehouse Lounge
605 Brazos St.
Austin, TX

March 3rd
Hotel Cafe
1623 NE Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

As you can see, these are a little all over the map.  Crazy?  Yes.  Mini-goal accomplished? Yes.
I do hope to see some smiling faces that I haven't seen for too long.  I will have more information on these in the future.  But for ever current information follow my music page on FB:
or follow me on twitter:

And yes, I also have a tumblr page, but I should probably leave that for a future post.  PS I put cool stuff on it.

Now, In honor of movement, I will close with a racy poem.

Row Your Boats

the eyes they dance, they play, they bounce
they travel where hands can't go
to field you on this filthy floor, in thoughts not had before
to quench a thirst from cotton squeezed as it puddles down your thigh
to teach a lesson taught before, and seek where vultures lie
torment the mind with teasing fragrance, and sniff through the unknown
unknown is known as wetness parts in lands that cross to sow
mount you when the counters steam and silence fills the air
press you through mistaken moments, banished now, beware
cross your hearts and hope to die when secrets have been seen
you kid yourself, you know you do
this life is but a dream