Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday breath.

And now is another time to write.  To share a little something about nothing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I am in love with this lazy Sunday afternoon.  I have absolutely no agenda.  I am not trying to get you to do anything.  I don't need you to listen to anything, look at anything, read anything.  I don't need you to give me anything or be anywhere with me.  I just need this.  This nothing.  This empty space.  This time where I don't need myself to do anything, be anywhere or complete anything for anybody else.  It's just me.  It's just Sunday.  The neighbor's children will play outside.  They aren't bothering me, I don't care.  Today I am not a grumpy old man.  You can sleep all day, I don't mind.  Take your time, feel better.  Take what you need, for today I need nothing from you.  Perhaps I'll join you.  A little dream nap couldn't hurt anything.  I am not tired though, not tired like that.

I am tired.  That is perhaps another reason that I love Sunday.  I can be tired.  Everyone accepts that today.

Take some time.  Take a breath.

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