Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coaster Writings

Coaster Writings

By: M. MacMinn

Still taken in by mysterious skinny legs
by soft smiles and curious eyes
Still taken in, taken in
playful, young, reckless, unashamed
shy, insecure, I could crush you, if you let me
if we set me loose

Disposable party beats
trying to enrich when I should be superficial
When does over critical soul come into fashion
what creates these creatures
all living in a dream
denying reality is all to easy
in the consumption

Blessing, curse, paying do's, but still in debt
throwing soul when I should be vibrating
No longer matters 
where I go and what I do
now is all that is important
not how many stars I've crossed along the way

Where I've been
she slows down

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